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Car Battery Replacement Edmonton

Battery issues are one of the most common things to occur with a vehicle. There’s a good chance that in the case of a “no-start,” it is due to a problem with the battery. Fortunately, it’s also one of the easier and more accessible things to replace. 

6 Signs Your Car Battery Needs To Be Replaced


The Engine Cranks, But Won’t Start

If you feel your starter motor engaging, but it’s failing to get the engine engaged, this means that your spark plugs aren’t firing. This is most likely due to a dead battery. Without your spark plugs firing properly, combustion inside the cylinders cannot occur. This means your car isn’t getting off your driveway.


Your Vehicle Struggles When Starting

Similar to the last point, if your car has trouble turning over, it probably isn’t getting the right amount of juice from your battery. Check to see how old it is. Batteries only last a certain amount of time and it might be time to swap yours out for a new one.


Dim Lights and Electrical Issues

If the displays inside your car are looking dim, or you’re experiencing any electrical issues, your battery might be underfunctioning. Look at your cabin lights, radio, and your dashboard displays, preferably in a dark setting as it will be easier to tell if they’re only partially illuminated.


A Bad Smell, Like Rotten Eggs

One of the operative ingredients in your car battery is sulphur, and sulphur stinks like rotten eggs. If you begin smelling this, your battery may be leaking. Open up the hood, and examine the ground under where your battery is housed. If you notice any liquid on the ground, clean up using a battery acid removal kit, or a mixture of baking soda and water. Use caution not to let your skin come into contact with the acid. After you have safely disposed of the acid spillage on the ground and inside your car’s hood, replace your battery.


Corroded Connectors

Over time and use, your battery terminals will collect acidic deposits. This is caused by chemical fumes seeping up from inside the battery. It is a natural byproduct of a working battery, but it could be an indicator that it’s time for a new one. These deposits can be cleaned with a solution of baking soda and water, and doing this regularly will help extend the life of your battery. These deposits can indicate an old battery, and if you’re experiencing any of the other signs mentioned, replacement might not be a bad idea.


Your Car Battery Is Cracked, Swollen Or Leaking

Inspect the appearance of your car battery, especially if you’ve been in any sort of minor accident affecting the front of your car. If your battery is cracked, swollen or leaking, replace immediately, as it is either damaged, or defective.

What Happens If I Don't Change My Car Battery?

Oil lubricates and seals many parts of your engine, which is a highly coordinated flurry of movement. Without adequate engine oil, all these processes become laboured, which results in your engine deteriorating at a much quicker pace. Without oil lubricating the movements of the pistons and the valves, metal-on-metal contact becomes frequent. It will begin as a slightly louder operational sound, and will result in your car being dumped in some scrap yard.

Frequently Asked Car Battery Questions

Not much, especially compared to other things car related. A new battery will be between $50-$150, depending on the make of your vehicle. If you choose to get this done at a shop, they might not even charge you the labor cost. Expect a small surcharge for disposal expenses, however.

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