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Car Ignition Repair Edmonton

The ignition system in your car is responsible for that first spark that gets all other parts of your car moving. Without a working ignition system, your car won’t make it off the driveway. In fact, it probably won’t make a noise. Basically, when you turn your key, you’re sending a signal to your car battery to charge the spark plugs in your engine to ignite the fuel and air in the cylinders which creates your car’s power. It’s obviously a lot more complicated than that, but the bottom line is that if your ignition system isn’t working, you’re not going anywhere.

5 Signs There Is A Problem With Your Car Ignition System


Engine Will Not Start, Or Is Hard To Start

If nothing happens when you turn your key, there is an issue with the first part of your car: the ignition system. Or, if starting the car is laboured and unreliable, there is a problem with your ignition system. Check the state of your battery, as it might just need to be charged, or replaced.


Your Car Is Stalling

If your car suddenly loses power and shuts off during operation, this could mean an issue with the ignition system. Not only is this dangerous, especially in heavy traffic, it can mean a costly tow to an autoshop and you being without a vehicle for a while. Your ignition system is like the on button to your car. If your car no longer recognizes that it is in operation, spark plugs will stop firing and all other processes will come to a halt.


You Smell Burning

This can mean a few things, but an oil leak is one of them. If you start to smell burning, it could mean that the valve guides in the cylinder heads have worn out causing engine oil to mix with the car’s hot exhaust. This can be the result of less than adequate oil maintenance and a simple oil change will not remedy this problem. However, the experts at a lube shop should help you to identify the problem and prescribe a course of action to get your car running right again.


Flickering Dashboard Lights

If the instruments and lights inside your vehicle’s cabin are flickering or dim, there might be an issue with your ignition system. This could be a problem with the battery, which is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix, or it could be something deeper inside the relay between your interior lights and the alternator that will require professional inspection.


Problems Removing The Key

This will indicate a very obvious problem with your ignition switch. If your key is getting jammed, not turning or slipping out of the slot, your ignition switch may need to be replaced. Luckily, this isn’t too costly or invasive of a fix.

What Happens If I Don't Fix My Ignition System?

If you don’t fix your ignition, your car may fail to start. However, if your car continues to operate, you are at risk of having it stop functioning at high speeds. This means loss of power, power-steering, lights, etc. This can be incredibly dangerous and should not be risked in any circumstance. Have your car looked at immediately.

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