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Your radiator is part of your vehicle’s cooling system, which, you guessed it, keeps your vehicle running cool. During operation, inside your engine are an endless series of controlled explosions which give off a great deal of heat. In addition to this, there are a plethora of moving parts which creates friction and heat. Your cooling system helps maintain an appropriate running temperature to keep your vehicle operating safely and smoothly.

What Does Flushing Your Coolant System Do?

Flushing your coolant system removes old and degraded antifreeze that is currently in your vehicle. After the old antifreeze is drained out, a mixture of distilled water and cleaner is circulated through the coolant system to further remove any impurities and buildup that has formed. When this cycle has been completed, fresh antifreeze is added. This should be part of a regular maintenance regimen to ensure your car runs for as long as possible.

When Should You Flush Your Radiator?

The go-to rule for radiator flushes is every 100,000 miles, or every 5 years. However if you do a large amount of driving, or if you’re experiencing any of the following signs, you may need to get a radiator flush much sooner.

5 Signs That It’s Time To Flush Your Radiator


The Temperature Gauge Reads Hotter Than Normal

If your car is suddenly overheating during regular operation, this may indicate a blockage somewhere in the coolant system. Performing a basic radiator flush will help breakdown any blockages in the system and flush it out.


Antifreeze Leaks And Puddles Beneath Your Vehicle

If you begin seeing antifreeze puddling beneath your car, you have a leak somewhere in your coolant system. You can identify antifreeze by its bright green or orange colour, and its sweet, maple-y smell. Performing a radiator flush with the addition of a “stop-leak” product will help repair any potential pinhole leaks in the radiator. However, if there is a larger leak, or an issue with your car’s hoses, this product will not be effective and more extensive work will have to be done.


Steam Coming From Under The Hood

Steam is a surefire indicator that your engine is overheating. If you notice any, it probably means that there is an issue with your coolant system. Whatever the case, pull over and assess the problem. Your coolant levels may be low, or it may be degraded and no longer doing its job adequately. If this is the case, then a radiator flush is in your near future.


Maple Syrup-Like Smell Coming From Under The Hood

Antifreeze has an unmistakable odor. It’s sweet, and smells a lot like the stuff you put on your pancakes. If you begin to detect this smell, you have a leak in your coolant system. As mentioned before, if it is a pinhole leak in the radiator, the addition of a “stop-leak” product during a radiator flush may do the trick.


Grinding Sound From Engine

This is a bad sign, as it may indicate a faulty water pump. Without a properly functioning water pump, your engine will start to overheat, as coolant will not be circulated through the engine block. This will cause a degradation of the engine’s lubricant and an increase of metal-on-metal contact. If you experience a grinding noise, have your car looked at immediately.

What Happens If I Don't Flush My Coolant?

If you don’t regularly flush your radiator, you will experience buildups and blockages in your coolant system. This will result in your car not being properly cooled and will soon begin overheating. Also, engine coolant does not last forever, and will lose its efficacy over time.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers about coolant flushes

Is A Coolant Flush Necessary?

In order to keep your coolant system running well, regularly scheduled radiator flushes are absolutely necessary.

Can You Add Coolant Without Flushing?

Yes, but a flush is highly recommended. Without performing a proper flush before replacing the coolant, any potential blockages and deposits will not be eliminated. This will result in your new coolant running through a less than optimal coolant system, which could result in overheating, and other problems.

Is It Bad To Add Coolant Without Draining The Old?

If your coolant levels are running a little low and just in need of a top up, then no. But be mindful that you are adding similar, or compatible antifreezes. However, if you find yourself topping up your coolant more than you feel is normal, this signifies a leak somewhere in your system. In this case, a flush and an inspection should be scheduled as soon as possible. If you are doing it yourself and you believe the leak to be minor and somewhere in the radiator, try using a “stop-leak” product.

Is It OK To Drive With Low Coolant?

No, it is not. If your coolant levels are low as detected by your car’s dashboard warning lights, or you suspect your coolant levels to be low, you are causing unnecessary strain on your engine. Especially if continued for a long time, having your engine operate at a hotter than normal temperature will cause steady damage and take years off your car’s life expectancy. The only reason you should operate your vehicle with sub-optimal coolant levels is to get yourself (somewhere close) where they can remedy the problem.

Does Engine Coolant Go Bad?

Yes. As with everything, coolant has a shelf life, and once you are beyond that it stops doing its job. For coolant, the number is around 5 years, or 100,000 miles, whatever comes first. However, depending on what car you drive, and what kind of coolant it takes, these numbers change drastically. Also, take into account how much you drive, and how you drive. If in doubt, sample some antifreeze from the car’s coolant reservoir. If the fluid appears somewhat translucent and close to its factory color (usually bright green or orange), then chances are your coolant is still good. If you’re having doubts about something in the coolant system, take it in anyway, a few bucks here is better than a whole lot more down the road! However, if your fluid looks brown and you can see small particles floating about, it’s probably time for a radiator flush.

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